The Birdie Series

The Birdie Series

The Birdie Series is meticulously crafted to provide an exceptional putting surface that mimics the performance of professional greens. Its innovative design ensures consistent ball roll and true playability, allowing you to practice your putting skills with confidence and precision. Whether you’re a golf enthusiast, a recreational player, or a family looking to have some backyard fun, the Birdie Series is the ultimate choice to transform your space into a golfer’s paradise.

Birdie 50

Face Weight: 50 OZ
Pile Height: 0.63”

First Cut 52

Face Weight: 52 OZ
Pile Height: 1.0”

*Option for recyclable backing

Del Mar 58

Face Weight: 58 OZ
Pile Height: 1.25”

Enduralast Technology


EnduraLAST Technology provides unmatched durability and lifetime strength in all our turf series and products. Our turf is specifically engineered to be reliable and functional, ensuring long-lasting performance in various conditions and high traffic areas.


Our products are UV-stabilized to prevent fading and degradation from prolonged sunlight exposure. Featuring innovative backing systems that enhance turf reinforcement and strength, our turf creates a functional and beautiful environment that will resist fading and last for years to come.

Premium Quality

We prioritize the use of premium materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to create turf that withstands heavy foot traffic, extreme weather, and regular use without compromising its quality and functionality.

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