Kid Play 67

Kid Play 67

Kid Play 67 is the ultimate child-friendly turf designed to create a safe and enjoyable environment for children. Designed with a thicker, softer blade shape and face weight, this turf provides a cushioned effect to help soften the impact of falls and reducing the risk of injuries. With this specially engineered design, parents and guardians can have peace of mind knowing that their children are playing on a surface that prioritizes safety.

Face Yarn ShapeTri-Stem
Pile Height1.18 Inch
Face Height67 oz
BackingPP Double Layers
Roll Size15FT X 100FT

Blade Shape


Featuring a Tri-Stem blade shape and an extra short pile height, the Kid Play Series offers a safe and clean surface versatile enough for multitude of playground and recreational installations. The Sri-Stem blade stays cool in the height of summer heat while offering supreme durability and strength for various levels of traffic and activity.

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