Malibu 80

Malibu 80

Achieve the epitome of luxury with Malibu 80. This series boasts the tallest blades and is the heaviest product we offer, designed to create a lush and lavish environment. The wider blades of this series create an extra soft, plush texture and contribute to the overall fullness and richness of the product. This product is built to last, designed to withstand traffic while maintaining its impeccable appearance over time. This series features a natural thatching to create a realistic and organic appearance.

Face Yarn ShapeS Shape
Pile Height1.875 Inch
Face Height80 oz
BackingPP Double Layers
Roll Size15FT X 100FT

Blade Shape

S Shape

Malibu 80 features an extra long S Shape blade of 1.875 inches, with a wider design for extreme softness and comfort. The S Shape blade enhances the overall fullness and depth of the turf, creating a truly luxurious and visually stunning landscape. The blade design incorporates UV-reflective properties, reducing surface shine and turf fading over time.

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