The Pro-Performance Series

The Pro-Performance Series

The Pro-Performance Series is the ultimate sports turf designed for high-performance fields and active areas. With its exceptional strength and durability, Pro-Performance is built to withstand heavy foot traffic and intense athletic activity. This turf is inspired by the best sporting arenas and fields in the world, and is designed to be ultra-green, mimicking the lush appearance of natural grass to add enhanced visual appeal to any sporting or recreational area.

Pro-Performance 78

Face Weight: 78 OZ
Pile Height: 1.18”

Blade Shape

C Shape

The C Shape blade of Pro-Performance 78 offers superior strength, toughness, and durability, enabling it to endure high foot traffic and intense activity. The blade shape mimics the look of natural grass to add a level of authenticity to any sporting field or activity center. The C Shape blade is engineered to create a turf that is safe, clean, and long-lasting for all athletic and recreational purposes.

Enduralast Technology


EnduraLAST Technology provides unmatched durability and lifetime strength in all our turf series and products. Our turf is specifically engineered to be reliable and functional, ensuring long-lasting performance in various conditions and high traffic areas.


Our products are UV-stabilized to prevent fading and degradation from prolonged sunlight exposure. Featuring innovative backing systems that enhance turf reinforcement and strength, our turf creates a functional and beautiful environment that will resist fading and last for years to come.

Premium Quality

We prioritize the use of premium materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to create turf that withstands heavy foot traffic, extreme weather, and regular use without compromising its quality and functionality.

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