Pro-Performance 78

Pro-Performance 78

Pro-Performance 78 is the ultimate sports turf designed for high-performance fields and active areas. With its exceptional strength and durability, Pro-Performance 78 is built to withstand heavy foot traffic and intense athletic activity. This turf is designed to be ultra-green to add enhanced visual appeal to any sporting or recreational area.

Face Yarn ShapeC Blade
Pile Height1.18 Inch
Face Height78 oz
BackingPP Double Layers
Roll Size15FT X 100FT

Blade Shape

C Shape

The C Shape blade of Pro-Performance 78 offers superior strength, toughness, and durability, enabling it to endure high foot traffic and intense activity. The blade shape mimics the look of natural grass to add a level of authenticity to any sporting field or activity center. The C Shape blade is engineered to create a turf that is safe, clean, and long-lasting for all athletic and recreational purposes.

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