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We know what you need for a turf install because we’ve been turf installers before. We provide turf, glue, nailer board and infill for our clients so they can focus on the details of a successful install.

Roots in Construction

Our leadership has over 15 years of experience in construction. From installing over 500K square feet of turf to installing lining systems for the energy industry, we have been in your shoes and understand that proper supply can make or break your project.

Dedicated Ownership

After seeing through successful disposition of Mustang Extreme Environmental Services, a leading installer of lining systems in the
energy industry, the founders of Superior Supply wanted to continue their dedication to the environment and the construction industries.

Strong Experience in Installation

While Superior Supply is your single source solution for turf supply, we have also been in your shoes. Our team can help consult with you on your turf install projects to help you avoid common mistakes that could result in costly warranty claims later on.

Best Sellers


Artificial grass Tri-Blend 70 Features super natural grass color with 1.75” pile height. It has the blade shape of C+M+D to reflect heat and keep the turf cool. Due to its softness and high quality, it is suitable for all kinds of occasions.

Face Yarn ShapeC+M+D
Pile Height1.75 Inch
Face Weight70 oz
BackingPP Double Layers
Roll Size15FT*100FT


Superior Texas Two-Step artificial grass features an economical price and its pretty. It has a mini wave shape blade with colors of field and lime green. The shape of “W” can reflect part of the heat in the summer time to keep the turf cool.

Face Yarn ShapeMini Wave
Pile Height1.5 Inch
Face Weight46 oz
BackingPP Double Layers
Roll Size15FT*100FT


Superior short Evergreen artificial grass is thick, solid, and stands straighter under varying pressure. Designed to be long lasting through higher traffic areas while ensuring that your lawn maintains its fresh green look every day of the year.

Face Yarn ShapeC C Blade
Pile Height1.25 inch
Face Weight58 oz
BackingPP Double Layers
Coating100% Recycle + Flow Backing
Roll Size15FT*100FT

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