PawPlay 52

PawPlay 52

PawPlay 52 is designed to provide a comfortable, safe and clean environment for your four-legged friends. This series prioritizes the well-being of dogs by offering a comfortable surface for them to walk, run and play. With an easy to clean blade shape and height, this turf series is effortless, low maintenance, and ensures a hygienic and odor-free environment for both dogs and owners.

Face Yarn ShapeC Shape
Pile Height1.0 Inch
Face Height52 oz
BackingPP Double Layers
Roll Size15FT X 100FT

Blade Shape

C Shape

The C Shape blade of PawPlay provides optimal strength, toughness and durability, making it capable of withstanding the activities of any size dog or pet. The C Shape blade simplifies the cleaning process, making it easier to clean up messes and allowing for efficient removal of pet waste. With this blade shape, PawPlay makes a clean and hygienic environment hassle-free. The C Shape blade is engineered to create a turf that is safe and clean for you and your pets.

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