Sonora 70

Sonora 70

Sonora 70 sets itself apart by maintaining exceptional strength and integrity without compromising on its natural aesthetic. With a unique blend of three blade shapes and colors, this series achieves a level of authenticity that is unmatched in the industry. This turf is designed to mimic the organic patterns found in real grass, ensuring a realistic appearance that seamlessly blends into any environment.

Face Yarn ShapeC + M + D
Pile Height1.75 Inch
Face Height70 oz
BackingPP Double Layers
Roll Size15FT*100FT

Blade Shape

C + M + D

The Sonora Series has a C+M+D blade shape with exceptional cooling properties, luxurious softness, and a natural color blend to create a realistic synthetic turf. With a pile height of 1.75 inches, the C+M+D blade shape is gentle, plush and comfortable while still maintaining the durability and strength required for outdoor spaces.

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